Valentines Day… With a twist!

Valentines Day for couples… and singletons!

This Valentines Day, don’t get upset or sit watching all the couples and wish you were them, or wish you had someone to treat you to dinner. You got this!! We’ve put together a few simple little steps to make February 14th a special day for us single women, and men too!

Celebrate ‘Pal’entines Day

  The best way to remind yourself that your not really lonely, surround yourself with other single friends. Your friends know you better than anybody else, so why not take time to appreciate everything you do for each other. Sit and have a meal out, or in. Grab a bottle of wine or two and sit laughing the night away with funny stories.

Buy yourself a gift…From me, to me!

  Who needs someone to buy them gifts anyway? Pfft, totally overrated. Plus, the bonus of buying for yourself is…You know you wont get it wrong! Go crazy, buy that bag! Buy that HUGE bar of chocolate you seen earlier! Just go crazy, and do whatever it takes to keep yourself happy. Just try not to do that every time your lonely, else your credit card might see its final days.

Binge Watch

  There’s nothing better than Binge watching your ultimate favourite series on Netflix, and why not do that on Valentines Day too? Start something new or carry on watching whatever it was you were watching before. There’s some great programmes out there and I’m sure the perfect one is on there for you too! Obviously to help you chose, you could go for the traditional “Bridget Jones” films, but that could make you more lonely over not bagging yourself a lover for Valentines day. Or you could just switch things up a bit and watch “How to loose a guy in 10 days” to remind you, you definitely do not NEED a man in your life!

But, if you are already settled down with your favourite person in the world…Then you need plans!

Romantic Walk

I’m fully aware that not all of us are lucky enough to live near the Beach, but there are always romantic places closer to home than you think. If your local to our shop, then you may know Nuneaton well, maybe go for a walk through Hartshill Hayes through the lovely woods; There are many different trails you could pick.

Make a fancy reservation at a nice Restaurant

Please, please take my advice! If you are planning on going for food for Valentines day, make sure you book in plenty of time else someone else will happily take your spot before you! The fancy food, nice wine and each others company will be enough to have a fabulous night together and rekindle the love. Or perhaps, make it that little bit more special by cooking for your significant other, place some candles round the table and set it all out properly. You choose.