New Moon Wicca Ritual Incense Sticks


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New Moon Wicca Ritual Incense Sticks

New Moon Wicca Ritual Incense Sticks provide a fresh, herbal scent which helps during rituals.

  • Wicca Ritual incense is a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils. When you light Wicca Ritual Incense, you assure yourself a safe and natural experience.

The hand-rolling technique is age old in Indian artisan methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Use: Use in / on a heat resistant burner. Light the tip of the incense using a naked flame, carefully blow out the flame and allow it to smolder. NB: Ash will drop so its important to place on a heat resistant dish/area so not to occur damage. Areas must be well vented opening windows and doors.

  • 12 incense sticks per pack

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