Honey Bee Large Fragrance Lamp


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Honey Bee Large Fragrance Lamp

This Honey Bee Large Fragrance Lamp is a perfect addition to any home. Part of our huge Ashleigh and Burwood range here at Joco gifts.

Honeyed tones of orange and red are flecked with delicate black swirls on this Fragrance Lamp. Topped with a golden crown.

PLEASE NOTE: Fragrance Lamps are intended to be used only with Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances. Fragrance Lamps are not the same as our Oil Burners and cannot be used with Fragrance Oils as this will damage the Lamp’s wick.

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Want to know more about Ashleigh & Burwood lamps?

We have been sharing our passion for fragrance since 1993. Beginning production from the family kitchen table, father and son John and Andrew Nettleton formed a boutique English company with core family values – family, fragrance, quality and creativity. We needed a name, so embracing our English heritage the names Ashleigh (or Ashley) and Burwood come from the nearby aristocratic estates, Ashley Park and Burwood Park, both local to the family home and still to the company headquarters today, Heritage House in Surrey.

All these years later, Ashleigh & Burwood may have moved out of the kitchen but those founding values which shaped the heritage of the company continue to remain at the heart to form a diverse home fragrance company and the UK’s leading Fragrance Lamp supplier.

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Product Information Guidance: Fragrance lamps are an incredibly powerful way to fragrance your home, and consequently do not need to be used for extended periods of time. For the optimum balance of room fragrance with usage, we recommend to burn your lamp for around 25-30 minutes per time (an average sized room is about 20sqm).
Included 1x Funnel

1x Leaflet with information and instructions on use

1x Fragrance Lamp (body, stone/wick assembly, snuffer-cap, decorative crown)


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