Fashion Colouring book and Pencils


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Fashion Colouring Book and Pencils

This Fashion Colouring Book and Pencils makes travelling a lot more fun. Take this awesome book with you on car adventures, or when your out with friends.

With this super colouring book set in the popular TopModel design, girls can design cool outfits and let their imagination run wild. The colouring and sticker book consists of 76 pages with pre-printed motifs and great suggestions for design. The colouring and gluing fun can start immediately, because in addition to the book there are also 2 sticker sheets, 4 gel pens in the colours gold, silver, pink and purple as well as 10 coloured pencils in different colours and 1 eraser.

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PLUS! Get to know the Top Model girls a little better by clicking the link below to read all of their stories… Not forgetting their pets too of course!

Models | TOPModel by Depesche UK (


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