New Year… New You!

Happy New Year!

Every year we say the same thing…We want to go to the gym more, we want to loose weight, we want to learn a new skill. Well make 2019 your year by sticking to the resolutions you set yourself. Here is a list of a few ideas that we think will improve your physical, and mental state of mind this year… Help you become you again!

Learn a new skill

Is there something you have always wanted to try, but kept putting it off for various reasons? STOP! Stop making excuses to yourself, and try it! Whether its horse riding, dancing, learning an instrument or something completely different, go for it. You have nothing to lose!

Be kinder to yourself

One thing we can’t control, is how kind other people are to us. But what we can control, is how kind we are, to ourselves. Sometimes, we can be so hard on ourselves, and why? It doesn’t help us, in fact it can make us worse. Make 2019 the year you believe in yourself, respect yourself and treat yourself well.

Make better use of your time

Its easy to say “ill do it in a minute” or “ill start that project later”… Most of us are guilty of it, but why? Why don’t we just start a project now, or get on with it? Well, this year – Do just that! Stop putting things off for a later date, or to start it later on in the day. Start it NOW and you will gradually find more time for yourself once all your jobs have been done.

Tick a few items off your bucket list

Make a list of your top 100 things to do, and use each year wisely to tick them off. Start by planning which ones you would like to do this year and if they’re rational to do. Maybe try to do one a month. It will make you happier and its the best way of living your best life!

Get Organised

Start by decluttering your bedroom or office. Messy rooms can make a messy mind. Having a clean, tidy place to work can greatly improve your mental state of mind.

  • Be on time to meetings.
  • Get a desk organiser to keep pens, notebooks, sticky pads etc in.
  • Keep important documents in safe files or cabinets.
  • Pick socks up from on the floor, put washing straight into the washing basket.
  • Tidy down after yourself.