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Money Saving Tips

We know saving money can be a hard task at times! But we have put together a little 10-tip list of helpful ways to start saving money!

  1. Coupons – Cut coupons out of magazines and keep them till you next go shopping. Every little helps remember!
  2. Get Cashback – There are websites out their now willing to give you cashback when you spend money through them. Websites such as ‘Topcashback’ and ‘Quidco’ offer a percentage of cash back when shopping.
  3. Make your own lunch for work or college – We know how tempting it is to grab a quick sandwich or pot of pasta on the way to work… But! Leave that spare change at home and make something before leaving. You will save so much money doing it this way!
  4. Set a goal – We believe it is so much easier to save money when you have a goal to work towards. Want something enough? You will work and save up for it..If not, you don’t get it! It really is THAT simple!
  5. Be Realistic! – If you don’t have the money for something, be honest! Don’t plan nights out or meals with friends if you simply can’t afford it. Maybe suggest a cheaper or free alternative?
  6. Write a shopping list – Ever gone shopping and bought tons of unnessecery stuff? Yep, us too! Write a list and STICK TO IT! If its not on the list, you don’t need it.
  7. Shop around – This one might sound obvious, but a lot of people will see something and buy it straight away, when in actual fact you could have purchased the exact same thing for half the price just by shopping around!
  8. Cut out any unnessecery direct debits or memberships – Still paying for the gym membership you set up in January? Well, its now September – So if your not using it or your only going twice a month, CANCEL IT!
  9. Spare Change – If you have spare change in your wallet, leave it at home. Purchase a money bank/box and keep it in there. Let it all add up, you’ll be surprised at how much money you actually save from doing this!
  10. Takeaway lovers? – If you have food in the cupboards, fridge or freezer…use that! Takeaways should be a little treat here and there. For the same thing your ordering from the takeaway, you could probably put together for yourself for half the price! Think before you order.

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