Happy Halloween!

From Plaques, Skulls and Glasses – To much more in between – Joco Gifts now have some amazing Halloween decorations in stock, perfect for any house this year. Take a look at our stunning ‘Day of the Dead‘ Ornaments here: https://joco.gifts The perfect gothic couple who embrace their love for one another.

Where does Halloween originate from?

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2018 falls on a Wednesday. It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints; soon, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating sweet treats.

Our 3 favourite Halloween Decorations!

  • Zombie Dog Metal Plaque – This plaque measures 43cm and will look GREAT on the door or window this year. Warn off the trick-or-treaters. “One bite is all it takes” 
  • Gothic Tower of Skulls – These awesome skulls measure 27cm x 10cm. These Gothic Tower of Skulls resembles the famous quote –  ‘See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil’ and believe us when we say – They look AWESOME on a mantel piece at home.

  • Day of the Dead Ornament – We have a few different designs in store and available on the website, but we all agree this is one of our faves! Measuring 14cm, they make the perfect Halloween couple!

Halloween Jokes

Looking for something different to surprise the trick-or-treaters this year? Why not open the door to a silly Halloween joke… Look no further, we’ve added a few of our favourite ones here:

Q. Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party? A. He had no body to dance with.

Q. What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog? A. He is mist.

Q. What tops off a ghost’s ice cream sundae? A. Whipped scream.

Q. What do ghosts eat for breakfast? A. Boo-Berries.

Q. What’s it like to be kissed by a vampire? A. It’s a pain in the neck.

Q. What can’t you give the headless horseman? A. A headache.