Gifts for Men

Gifts for Men

Gifts for men may well be one of the biggest challenges facing any considerate gift buyer –  we all know men can be the most difficult to please.

Football shirt? – wrong year!  Golf equipment? – wrong size!  Fishing tackle? – wrong type of fish!

Socks are the go-to, but how many pairs does a guy really need?  And those shower gel / shave balm gift sets? – well, they just get passed on to nephews the following year!

But there are better options available for men, whatever their interests may be.

For the sportsmen

Let’s start with football – how about some football cufflinks?  He can still be a fan in a fancy shirt.  Or maybe a desk clock, or an old-fashioned leather football doorstop?

For the golf fans, we have cufflinks and desk clocks too.  Ideal for the office, or for smart wear.

Fisherman would be glad to receive one of our fishing rod style desk clocks, or perhaps something from our underwater range.

For the non-sporty

Not all guys are into sport though – some prefer movies and TV, and we have lots of gifts to choose from.  Pick a favourite, and see what you think from our ranges of Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, or even NASA

If he’s the dark and brooding type, maybe something from our range of gothic and steampunk skulls?

For the stylishly modern gentleman, we have a great selection of wallets and jewellery in our “Equilibrium for Men” range

Going extra special

But perhaps the most meaningful feelings can only be expressed with a personalised gift – check our large range of mugs, glasses, gadgets and gizmos that can be personalised to him from you

If all else fails, you could always adopt a fuggler to teach him a lesson!

We hope we’ve been able to spark a few ideas for you, and please contact us if there is anything specific you have in mind as we will always try to help you find the perfect gift.

Special note – if you do end up with lots of socks and smellies at Christmas, please consider donating them to a local homeless charity, as underwear and toiletries are always in high demand.  Our local charity is Doorway, but check what is most local to you.